Welcome to a Sustainable and Organic Brand

We have a vision to make a difference for the women in Montenegro - to be part of increasing their standard of living. With our mission we want to show what a true sustainable brand looks like and bring nature into urban homes all around the world. It's a great honor to be the owner and distributor of products you yourself can guarantee. Follow our sustainable journey and read more below. 

Zana Labovic - Founder of Monte Home. 

The year is 2015

I have, with Montenegrian blood, always felt drawned to the wild nature and clean air of Montenegro. Every summer I have seen how food is prepared directly from my grandmothers kitchen garden and how clothes and furniture is developed by sheer craftsmanship. The idea of creating a business for the knitting women in Montenegro, had been there for several years, but it was first when I finished my Masters in Supply Chain Management, I could finally feel the energy was right. 

It all started with 10 pairs of slippers

I started with 10 pairs of slippers and a simple Instagram account. Over night I sold 5 pairs of slippers to one single customer and suddenly there were more customers than slippers. This was the start of a collaboration that both I and the women had not foreseen, but merely dreamed of. When we started in 2015 we had 25 women making our products. Today we receive products from 150 women! 

You can really see and sense the feeling of pure nature

Sometimes you can find small pieces of hay in the socks, which helps to promote the feeling of pure nature. All our wool products are unique and no designs are completely the same. The products are knitted in the women's own homes, where they choose their own patterns. Some pairs are very special and currently only available in limited numbers, giving each pair of socks their own unique characteristics. Through the sale of wool, we support the Montenegrin women financially!

Exfoliating well-being

The wool contains natural body oils from the sheep, and these oils contain keratin (protein), which matches the human body's own body oil. This means that along with the warmth, you also get natural oils applied to the skin. In addition, the wool acts exfoliating, helping to remove the top layers of dead skin cells. 

The animals on the farms

The women and their families own their own flock of sheep and these sheep roam freely around the mountains and return home to their farms in the evening. 1-2 times a year the sheep must be sheared (cut off the wool). This is typically done before the summer starts, so the sheep do not get too hot when the warm Montenegrin sun peeks out. 

Packaging made of Sugar Canes

Mail plastic bags made from sugarcanes are an environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary plastic. When manufacturing bioplastics, you use a base of renewable resources, ie natural materials, rather than just using oil.

Sugar cane grows rapidly and absorbs CO2 while growing.

The bag is printed with a nice plant motif in a beautiful color and in the lower left corner is a text that shows customers that we have thought about the environment. The sugar cane bags are bought at